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Plant Names Derived From Animal Names In Turkey Turkısh
Animals and human beings have inhaled the same air in the same geography throughout history. Human beings have been in constant combat with animals since their first lifes. Later they have continued to struggle along with some animals that they have domisticated and other animals. Some of the works are the milestones that shows the future of nations in terms of the information contained in their messages. Göktürk Inscriptions, Divanü Lûgatı't-Turk and Kutadgu Bilig are these kind of works in Turkish cultural history. There are a lot of domisticated and wild animal names in these works. Some of these animal names are used today. ' Twelve Animal Turkish Schedule ' ,which is seen in many geography from the Far East to Central Asia, is formed with animal names. Human beings chose a way of marking in order to distinguish the animals. They used the marked words of animals in plant markings for the next stage.

Animal names, plant names, onomasiology, semantics

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