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The Style of Magical Realism in the Myths
Magical realism is a type of narration style which appeared different ways in 1950’s and 1960’s that is known as the most prolific term of Latin America’s novel branch until those years. The concept of magical realism reaches to Turkey as a quality of movement in the 1980’s. Magical realism is seen in cooperation with postmodern sense of art significantly in 20’th century. Folkloric narration style is revived with this style. Magical realism is not a new art approach but it is a narration style which has implemented from past to present. It is probable to come across with this style not only in literature but also in every branch of art firstly painting. As to myths, it is a type which narrates the creatiuty of extraordinary powerful heroes. Myths narrate extraordinary powerful people’s being splendid and sacred. In this article, the existence of magical realism in myths will be analysed in folk narration.

Myth, magical realism, extraordinary, folklore.

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