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Commentary Written By Mr. Cebbârzâde Mehmed Ârif to a Sufistic Poetry of Sheikh Ebu’l-Vefâ: Dâfi’u’z-Zulem Min Kulûbü’l-Ümem
Many verse or prose commentary were written in order to understand products of classical Turkish literature better. It is possible to see that the commentaries concentrate especially on sufistic poetrys. Particularly, Yunus Emre and Niyâzî-i Mısrî are sufis whose poetrys have mostly been expounded. In our day, to form a systematic approach for increasing commentary research, it is a necessity that commentaries which are written by commentators who are generally poets at the ages when the tradition of classical Turkish literature continues. In this study, commentary of a sufistic poetry which was written by Sheikh Ebu’l-Vefâ one of the famous sufis of Fatih Sultan Mehmet's age and that was also commented by Mr. Cebbârzâde Mehmed Ârif, who was a creative poet of 19th century, is to be mentioned.

Key Words: Commentary, Sheikh Ebu’l-Vefâ, Mr. Cebbârzâde Mehmed Ârif

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