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Phonetic Changes in Gjilan Turkish Dialect
We have tried to form this study by determining samples from our compilation texts that we did in Gjilan before. The aim of the study is to discuss the phonetic changes which takes an important place in phonetic properties of Gjilan Turkish Dialect that is still used lively today in special. We see that Gjilan Turkish Dialect has a unique place in Rumelian Dialect and also its phonetic changes are notable. Also, the phonetic changes in Gjilan Turkish dialect show similarities and differences with other dialects in Anatolia. This subject which goes beyond the scope of this study can be discussed in other studies; but we have tried to bring phonetic changes of Gjilan Turkish Dialect into light. We hope that this study wills contribute to future studies and classifications. This study is based on the method of text compilation done by sound recording device, converting records into text and analysis of vocabularies determined in the text in terms of Phonetics.

Gjilan Turkish Dialect, Phonetic Changes, Dentalization, Palatalization, Labialization.

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