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The Traces of Tradition in Asaf Halet Çelebi’s Poem
Tradition which means continuing the items put forward before, is a result of a culture’s reflex of defending itself and continuing its existence with the consciousness of innovation continuously. From the Tanzimat reforms till Republic era, tradition was left. But after the Republic, it was seen that the poets who get inspired by the traditions appeared and our old culture experience which was refused started to be used again. In Turkish poem, the years 1940-1960 were an era when radical changes and new formations were observed. One of those who wrote the poems of tradition was Asaf Halet Çelebi. He is famous for his mystic and legendary expressions and the words which aren’t known by everyone and sentences which belong to different languages. In the introduction part, the definition of the tradition is given and the reasons why it came out and the poet’s relation with the tradition has been studied. In the part ‘The Magic World of Legends in Poems’, the images, expressions and rhymes have been told. Because tales he listened in his childhood were the elements of his poems. In the ‘Mysticism’ part, mystic emotions which he got from his family are mentioned although in real life he doesn’t give importance to mysticism or Sufism. Most of his poems are about how inviting to Nirvana or how to reach Nirvana. In the part ‘Quotations and Harmony Transfer’ quotations the poet applied to create atmosphere and the words whose meanings aren’t known everyone and the usage method of sentences of different languages have been mentioned.

Asaf Halet Çelebi, tradition, mysticism, legendary elements.

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