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The article deals with the problem of proper name specificity in modern linguistics. It considers some ways of Turkic words adoption in Ukrainian lan- guage. Research of separate borrowings from Turkic language in Ukrainian, connected with toponymy, has al- lowed to outline various ways of their adaptability in a new environment. The author states, that a certain num- ber of turkisms in Ukrainian language «has got accustomed» without any transformations of their external form and semantic changes. This statement is illustrated on the example of toponyms «???????», «???????», «?????», etc. Ukrainian language has not only «graphically» transferred and acquired turkism-terms, but also «has processed» their semantics in the direction more adapted for needs of its language culture. It has been ascertained in the article that the process of turkisms adoption by Ukrainian language, separate borrowings have kept their graphic, phonetic, semantic identity with a source language; in some cases there were morpho- logical changes of the external form of lexemes without transformation of semantics, or semantic shifts took place without any violation of structural shape of turkisms. All this corresponds to the adoption laws of elements of one language by another. In conclusion the author states, “that the study of onomastic vocabulary solves the problems of development of students“ logic thinking, improves stylistic feeling and aesthetic taste.

Onomastics, Toponymy, Turkism, Ethnics, Semantics.

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