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Turkish world strives to capture the universal dimensions in order to develop its position at the international level by strengthening their cooperation in the field of education as in many areas. Turkish world should take to raise the quality of education is seen as a distance at the international level in terms of education quality indicators. Therefore, in this study will be discussed about Quality Function Deployment (QFD), which as addressed a systematic approach and improving quality tool, in order to contribute improving and upgrading quality as common issue is quality in the Turkish world’s education system and to help the works were done in this area and for this purpose. The aim of our study, to contribute improving qualities of educational services and lessons which are serviced and conducted at the universities based on the demands of students in higher education. For this purpose, by utilizing from advantages of QFD methodology to use student’s demands improving the educational quality and designing educational services. However, another aim of the study is to uncover the universities whether a customer expectation has oriented services approach and discuss on policies that business must fallow according the results. This study is a theoretical study; it will be a guide to researchers and professionals who want to do application of QFD on the universities and education system of Turkish world in the future. In this study firstly, QFD concept will be clarified after, will be applied to a university as hypothetical. Application of QFD in Turkish world’s education system has great impact to reach an educated society. In this study we tried to mention importance of QFD and its results in case it is applied in universities with a positive intelligent.

Quality, Education Quality, Quality Function Deployment, Universities.

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