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The Republic of Kazakhstan gained independence in 1991. After freedom, they took into account some cultural topics as a government policy. Language, history and geography take place as the pineoring subjects. The Kazakh geography is the one of largest geographies in the Central Asia. Having a very large geography and Kazakhs being settled down in this large region made it hard to guarding the country. Therefore, Kazakhs spent efforts on guarding especially in the 17th and 18th centuries. Kazakh geography, which is located in a large part of the Eurasia steps, has also been a pace for foundation of and collapse of many countries historically. In view of the language researches, the Ancient Turkish represents the earliest Turkish language periods. The written works belonging to this periods is frequently came a cross in this areas. These works belonging to Gokturk’s period is generally marked on rocks. Particularly, in expeditions, 7 new written texts are discovered recently. The names of the written texts are the following: Tañbalı, Koytubek, Akterek, Kuljabası I, Kuljabası II, Kemer and Kotır II. The aim of this article is to introduce these new works and suggest new reading techniques.

Gokturks, Gokturk Alphabet, Kazakstan, Ancient Turkish

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