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Salar Turkish in Turkish dialects of Ghuzz group is spoken by Salar Turks living in Cinghai region of China, around Hunhua (Salır), in Gulca city of Sincian Uighur autonomous region, in Gansu province, in Lan’çjou and Pekin. Salar Turks live together wtih China, Dungan, and Tibetans in these regions. Therefore, they have been in a close contact with these peoples for long years, Although Salar Turks know several languages in daily life, they use Salar Turkish among themselves and their family and they use Chinese in official transactions. There are semantic nonoverlapping words having the same structure between written languages of Salar and Turkey Turkish that are quite distant from each other in terms of geography in which they are spoken. Although these words look like equivalence, they are called false equivalance because of their semantic diversity. False equivalence words may be full or half false equivalence. It is seen some semantic overlapping and nonoverlapping words among half false equivalence words: ton “dress” (SSY - 514) - don “clothes; long or short underclothes worn for the lower part of the body, panties” (TT) uy “home; snake's nest” (SSY - 532) – ev “a place where a person or family live, house, household” (TT) There is not semantic overlapping in full false equivalence words. üçince “march” (SSY - 538) – üçüncü “ tells the order of number three ” (TT) yoòlan- ~ yohlan- “get poor” (SSY - 363) – yokla-n- “ subject to inspection; yokla- review by touch, review, check” (TT) In this study, false equivalence words one of the difficulties encountered between two dialects while transferring from Salar Turkish to Turkey Turkish which are from Ghuzz group dialects will be identified and classified firstly according to the parts of speech and then will be classified as full and half false equivalances.

Salar Turkish, Turkey Turkish, False Equivalance.

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