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Qarakhanid Turkic (X-XIII. yy.) which constitutes the last period of Old Turkic is written language of the Qarakhanid State. On the other hand, while maintaining Old Turkic literary language, on the other hand, it has partly developed on a different line since it is included in a new religious-cultural structure. Reason of these differences, as might be geographical, religious, cultural, etc. Also these differences may be originating from dialect or dialects which influential in shaping Qarakhanid Turkic. As we know, the beginning of written language is referring to spoken language. A variety of reasons, a region or a community spoken language, written language is preferred. A variety of reasons, a region or of a group’s spoken language is preferred written language. In this article will be discussed the subject that written language of Qarakhanid Turkic combines which features of dialect or dialects. For this purpose, will be used in datas that Mahmud Kashgari’s work Divanu Lugati’t-Türk that detailed information on the language in the period. And will be searched to answer the question: "Which dialect was based on written language?".

Qarakhanid Turkic, Xaqaniyya, written language, historical dialects.

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