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    Dergimizin 30. sayısı (8 / 2) 15 Haziran 2019 tarihi itibarıyla yayımlanmıştır.

    Dergimizde yayınlanacak makalelerde 700-1000 kelimeden oluşan geniş İngilizce özet bölümü yer alacaktır.



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Tales, which enrich the children’s imagination, tells the truth indirectly and prepares the children for future, are the best literary products that reflects the infant sensitivity. Making children read tales and developing creative thinking by benefiting from this, having different approaches towards problems are important benefits in terms of human future. In Keloğlan tales, the Keloğlan typing is a person who teaches lesson though he seems to be refined, has the behaviors that can be sometimes understood as the folk philosopher. Through the agency of Keloğlan tales, it can be told to children that reaching a fortune easily is not permanent, and trick and laziness should absolutely be left. It can be emphasize that peace, harmony, love, charity and tolerance can take humanity to happiness; liar is not believed when he tells the truth; and the real richness is turning an honest penny. In this research, example texts chosen among Keloğlan tales are studied due to the lesson they give to children and results are inferred related to it.

Keloğlan Tales, child’s world, tale, education.

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