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The place of words which express answer, such as yes, no, in our grammar which are stated as approval, rejection, and denial that we fairly used in daily language is one of the controversial issues. These are evaluated by researchers in terms of different word classes. While some researchers show these words as adverb, others treat these words as preposition and interjection. This case shows that there is no concensus on the topic and therefore it is worth investigating. When we independently analyze the opinions of the researchers, we can see that they all have the rightful reasons; however, when we study the subject in depth and compare the ideas of the researchers, it is possible to reach a more certain result about whether these words should be considered as adverb, preposition or interjection. In this article, we aimed to conclude in depth and comparative analysis of the subject and to conclude whether the words should be included in the type of preposition, adverb or interjection. First, we presented both quoting and tabular form how those kinds of the words were treated by researchers. Then we gave some of the definitions made for adverb, preposition and interjection and mentioned our opinions about the subject. In our study, we tried to show that it would be more appropriate to evaluate the words expressing response such as yes and no that is approval, rejection, denial as an interjection and as a name in some issues.

Approval, denial, yes, no, answer words.

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