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Divan poetry has been examined with the traditional annotation technique for many years. According to the traditional annotation technique, a literary work primarily reflects the worldview and art view of the author and its period. With regard to this technique, the primary way to understand the literary work is to study and inquire deeply about its author and period. The idea of “analyzing a literary work with the traditional methods is inefficient effort” has been getting wide spread with the influence of studies done in the 20th century. By this opinion, a plenty of new methods such as Russian formalism, structuralism, semiotics, ontological approach, hermeneutic have been identified and literary works have been started to examined with these methods. The modern methods abovementioned have also taken attention of researchers who deal with Divan poetry since 1990s. The researchers such as Cem Dilçin, Dursun Ali Tökel, Yavuz Bayram and İlhan Genç have analyzed our classical poetry under the light of these modern techniques and obtained quite interesting results. According to structuralist theory, one of the modern approaches, the value of artwork contrary to traditional method is not outside of the literary work but inside of it. So structuralist critics and artists by focusing on the literary work. They divide literary work into the smallest building blocks and find out the relation between these pieces. Dividing Baki’s lyric poem (ghazel), who is one of the most well-known poet on Anatolian land in 16th century, into the smallest building blocks and carrying out with analyses of them undoubtedly will bring out very interesting results. Form and content constitute an inseparable integrity like two sides of a paper are two crucial elements in Baki’s poem. Considering these apparent features, the main aim of our study to divide Baki’s ghazel with rhyme “söylen söylesin” into the smallest building blocks, analyze in detail and reveal form- content integrity with substantial datas.

Baki, Structuralism, Lyric Poem (Ghazel),form-content.

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