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In order to understand which thinking and comprehension forms exist under linguistic expression that express emotions, it is necessary to reach conceptual structures that give birth to them. Because; the source of linguistic metaphor is the codes of the minds and those are the structures which arise in thought before existing in the language. But even if first process takes place in the mind, it is still shadows of them in the language that lead us these codes. In this regard, if linguistic data that coherent with each other not random but consistent and supportive is noticed, these code shows themselves. As an example of this, it is going to deal with the subject in terms of fear; while inspecting metaphorical and metonymic nature of this concept in Turkish, the answers of “How do we fear, how do we think about fear, how do we express it, how reflects culture-specific sides of this emotion, will be also questioned.

Fear, language of emotion, conceptual metaphor, conceptual metonymy, cognitive linguistic.

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