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The basic problem of this study is to establish a semantic field of the “mirror” that is used in literary text by analyzing it on practical, symbolic and imaginary level. The purpose of establishing such a semantic field is to attempt to reveal the contribution of functional and metaphorical meaning of the objects in the mirror sample to people’s daily lives and cultural perceptions. Such studies are important to understand and for interpretation efforts of literary texts, modern society, the self of the individual, humanity and the other living things. Sait Faik Abasıyanık’s short story that is Plajdaki Ayna (The mirror on the beach) has been chosen as a sample text in order to put forward the problem, to reach the goal and to reveal the importance of the study. The literature some of which have been given in references has been reviewed in order to analyze the relevant text in theoretical and critical context and a conceptual framework has been constructed in the introduction section of the study. It has been determined that the meaning of mirror as a concrete object in the short story of Plajdaki Ayna (The mirror on the beach) has extended through implications and references on the various metaphoric levels of the language and has gained qualifications that will reach particularly to social and psychological results. This limited study has proposed that the relation between literature and mirror should be analyzed more deeply in the context of literary genres and periods.

Literature, short story, mirror, self, Sait Faik, Plajdaki Ayna (The mirror on the beach).

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