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Belonging to the period of Second Turkic Kaghanate (682-745) the Orkhon Inscriptions let erected in behalf of Bilge Kaghan’s brother Kül Tigin and himself in 732 and 735 respectively. The first monument let erected by Kaghan upon the death of his brother, and the latter one by his own son after his death. The person who speaks in both inscriptions is Bilge Kagan personally. Yollugh Tigin wrote both inscriptions with his nickname "atïsï". In the scholarly community, itsuggested that Orkhon Inscriptions have a type of “commemorative”, also it has been said that Kagan conveyed some information about the history of the Turkic Kaghanate and given some advices to “Turkish Nation”. However, in the article, we will show that judging by the historical process this is not true and either inscriptions are a kind of “order, edict, and decree”. Because, either itself in the inscriptions, or in edicts (firmans) of many later Turkish states are mentioned phrases in the meaning of “my order, my edict, my command”.) In the Orkhon Inscriptions this phrase has the word “sabïm” (lit. my word, that is “my command”), in the firmans of the later Turkish rulers, for instance in the letters / edicts of Uzun Hasan Beg of Akkoyunlu, it has a word “sözümüz” (lit. our words, that is, “our order”) and finally“buyurdum ki” (lit. I ordered that) in the edicts of the sultans of Ottoman Empire. Likewise, in edicts of the rulers of Chingizid and Timurid periods, the word “üge manu” (lit. myword) is mentioned with the same meaning but in Mongolian. In this article, it will be explained with the examples that this matter how progresses diplomatically throughout history.

Orkhon Inscriptions, Bilge Kaghan, fermans, sabïm, sözümüz

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