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There are two words from different sources in Turkic. In some works it has been argued that these words are the same word, and in some works it is stated that these words come from different sources. In etymological studies, two dalyan, which usually have different meanings, are connected to a foreign origin. The dalyan word meaning "tall" is Turkic, this word is derived from + lAŋ suffix which is similar to the name of the tay (foal). The dalyan word comes from Middle Turkish taylaŋ word. In the beginning, taylaŋ word, which means "like a foal, young" has transformed into dalyan with a variety of voice changes over time and has acquired the meaning of "tall, well-proportioned". Similar meaning words derived from the same root in the contemporary dialects and dialects of Turkish supports this view.

Dalyan, etymology, taylaŋ.

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