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    Dergimizin 30. sayısı (8 / 2) 15 Haziran 2019 tarihi itibarıyla yayımlanmıştır.

    Dergimizde yayınlanacak makalelerde 700-1000 kelimeden oluşan geniş İngilizce özet bölümü yer alacaktır.



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The Turkish National Anthem is a tangible document that tells the aim of the Turkish War of Independence and reflects the character of the Turkish nation. Taking a glance at the lines in the Anthem enables us to clearly see the concepts that are identified with the character of the Turkish Nation and that present the spirit of it. These concepts can be summarized as liberty or independence; bravery or heroism (courage); love of flag, motherland and nation, together with passion for religion and faith. These are characteristics of the Turkish Nation, of superior character, hero, blood circulating in its veins and running around three continental horses throughout history. Analysing in literary terms, the Turkish National Anthem can be seen as an epic and didactic text. The epic features of the Anthem result from the thought to give the courage and the determination for struggle and fight to the Turkish Nation and its Glorious Army in struggling for their Independence; didactic features from the aim to teach the characteristics and glorious history of the Turkish nation, and values that make it a nation. The march has benefited from the words and speeches of encouragement, guidance and suggestion in the context of the epic side of the heroic feelings. The didactic side was founded by short and medium-length judicial sentences and clauses containing the definite sentence of the poet who spoke to the national and the army with a knowledgeable and experienced teacher who had been seen and experienced. Mehmed Âkif has written an effective and striking anthem with the support of short and medium length sentences and clauses that didactic side construction, both with emphasis on the words and phrases contained in the orders and suggestions that constitute the epic side.

Turkish National Anthem, independence, motherland, nation, flag, sanjak, religion, faith, God.

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