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Piano education is considered to be one of the most interesting instrumental trainings in music education. Children, young people and even middle-aged and older people want to study piano. With the reasons for this being a separate research topic, it is known that a patient, programmed and disciplined training process is needed in piano education. Piano education in particular against young children in pre-school age, with the arrival of the keyboard system - which is not seen in other children's keyboard - to reach the piano keys are mixed and large numbers of children, piano education methods and investigations, and a knowledgeable instructor may not be a problem. In piano education, making pre-school children who are experiencing a complex keyboard system with many keys, which is not seen in other child instruments, feel comfortable in the learning process might not be a big issue for a knowledgeable educator who has studied piano education methods. In this training process, it is important to pay attention to the fact that the voices are taken into the education process by playing game and imitating sounds. The aim is to target playing the sounds heard with exact sounds at exact sequence. It is important to aim identifying sounds as treble-bass or long-short in the education. In this way, making a connection between child’s brain or child’s thinking system and psychomotor abilities will be possible. One of the most crucial problems encountered in piano education is believed to be the short of teaching and training resources. Despite the fact that the methods to be applied to children of this age are not very common, nowadays proper resources have become available by means of communication and technological advancements. In this study, some methods related to piano education of preschool children will be researched and current studies on methods will be evaluated.

Piano education, piano, piano methods.

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