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Kerb Ghazi and Muhammad Hanafi story, also known with its name Kerbname is a popular text in our society which has a narrating and listening tradition. This is the reason that the same topic is treated as both prose and poem. This text is a kind of continuation of the war stories that developed around Hazrat Ali, and is about the conquests they made with his son Muhammad Hanafi and Kerb Ghazi. Besides the authority that empowers these two heroes to fight together is Hazrat Ali, the real message in the story is that successing of these two powers in fighting together on this base and so their constituting the consciousness of unity even in the army. This examination was taken from the prose story named Story of Muhammad Hanafi and Kerb Ghazi, which was found to be written after the 16th century, consisting of 99 leaves numbered as Muallim Cevdet K. 234 in the Istanbul Atatürk Library and is one of the eight texts that developed around the Kerb Ghazi. The copy which takes part in the master thesis titled Parable of Kerb Ghazi and Story Muhammad Hanafi was presented by us and the text citations in the article was made upon this thesis. These kinds of texts clearly reveal that we have both a considerable amount of epic-religious story tradition and a narrating tradition in which these stories are expressed vividly. Coming to existence of these works is going to help the contemporary artists and readers to set up a new style of expression by helping them to catch the aesthetic of dynamic spirit of the past. Besides the story is originated from Arabia and it is based on the early periods of Islam, it was adopted and developed by our society and so it managed to come until today. In this examination, the importance of the text was remarked by revealing its impressive factors and fascinating scenes.

Prose, story, epic, Kerb Ghazi, Muhammad Hanafî.

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