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It is worthy of all the material and spiritual principles that the nations have in the past. Value is a measure that individuals use to interpret events and case they meet in their environment and to base their thinking and attitudes on case and their situation on a logical basis. Values education is a process that enables the individual to self-identify and to be in harmony with himself. Values education is based on national and universal principles and aims to educate and educate good people. Turkish teaching is undertaking the task of providing communication between individuals in the realization of value education. The texts used as the basic tool of Turkish teaching play an important role in conveying the national and universal values to the students in terms of the themes being studied. The cult of the value is transferred from the enemy by means of the language. Examples of the best use of language come to life in literary texts. Stories are richly literary texts that students learn unfamiliarly. This study based on qualitative research method is in the screening model and has a descriptive quality. In the study, M. Şevket Esendal, who is one of the cornerstones of the modern Turkish storytelling, was investigated in terms of value transfer and tried to determine the appropriateness of the values targeted by the curriculum. In the study, it is stated in the Social Studies Course Curriculum that “giving importance to family unity, equality, independence, peace, liberty, scientificness, hard work, solidarity, sensitivity, honesty, aesthetics, tolerance, hospitality, cleanliness, patriotism, benevolence” were taken as basis. All of Esendal's storybooks were examined and it was determined that the most emphasized value in his stories was ‘sensitivity’ (322). Esendal’s storybooks constitute the universe of work, and all of the stories form the sample of work. The most emphasized value in Esendal’s story is the value of ‘sensitivity’ (322). This value has been observed to follow the values of ‘solidarity’ (229), ‘love’ (165), ‘diligence’ (145), ‘respect’ (133) and ‘patriotism’ (101).

Value, value transfer, Turkish teaching, M. Şevket Esendal stories.

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