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Halide Edib, one of the most important authors of the aftermath of the Second Constitutional period, received a very good education considering the educational opportunity of her time. As a Muslim Turkish girl, Halide Edib was educated in American College. She has been involved with foreign people throughout his life outside school. She lived abroad from 1924 to 1939, wrote books on foreign languages, taught at Columbia University as a guest lecturer. Getting the education in a foreign school and being in contact with foreigners did not give Halide Edib an absolute western admiration, on the contrary she always adhered to their roots thanks to the good education she received at home whereby she had the opportunity to compare the East and West world and to think about the synthesis of the East and West. The basic problematic of her novels is, therefore, the East-West conflict and synthesis. This conflict and the synthesis coming with it are reflected in the emotions and thoughts of the characters of her novels. Most female or male characters speak English and/or French-German, and even Greek. In this study, her novels will be examined to determine the purpose of use of the foreign language of the Turkish characters in the novels. This research will attempt to show how the use of a foreign language of an author, who is a college graduate, has written some of his works in English and founded the Department of English Language and Literature at Istanbul University, reflects on the national identity, sense of belonging, cultural and social life.

Halide Edib Adıvar, the aftermath of the Second Constitutional period, novel, foreign language, cult

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