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    Dergimizin 31. sayısı (8 / 3) 15 Eylül 2019 tarihi itibarıyla yayımlanmıştır.

    Dergimizde yayımlanacak makalelerde 700-1000 kelimeden oluşan geniş İngilizce özet bölümü yer alacaktır.



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Books, which are suggested to be introduced to children even when they are in their mother’s womb, have an essential role in their lives. Books, feeding the children in terms of mental, emotional, initially language development, need to be appropriate to child’s world. They, attracting child with its shape qualities, will charm the children into different worlds with their content and will open a new door into different views. The child, who is introduced to books suitable for his or her age, will be a good reader candidate in his or her further life. While books are presenting every positive emotion or behavior desired to be given to child in a funny way, they are tools that bring an esthetics perspective. School, the most important field of education in the child’s life after family, is really significant. The child, who loves his or her school and teachers and is happy to spend long time at school, will gain a lot in the highest level in this environment. The subject of loving school, teachers and school mates are frequently mentioned in the children’s books. In these works, it is important to present school life to children positively and with the attractive aspects; and teachers and school administers to be a role model to them with their exemplary behaviors. In our country, is Saftirik, which is read interestedly by children, an appropriate book for children? What kind of a child model is presented in the book? What are the messages that are transmitted to children via this model? Which courses of behavior do children gain from these books? How do school life, friendship relations and teachers are reflected in these books? In the study, ten books in the series of Saftirik Greg are examined in consideration of these questions, suggestions are made in accordance with obtained findings.

Saftirik, Greg’s Diary, child book, education, school life.

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