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Magics are ceremonial actions which are believed to direct events related to human and nature during first ages. It has an important function on systematizing and protection of order and enforcement of justice in primitive societies. It is believed that magic has a fatal effect beside treatment. But on the 19th century, magic age loses it’s former function. The values produced by the industrialist come to the forefront. Human who grips the situations come to existence with modern age starts to be fascinated by new datas from now on: He/she comes under the influence of speed age instead of primitive magic. In time, an incompatibility arises between these new datas and the values that individual determines for him/herself. Hence, depression, anxiety, feeling of futility and emptiness consist. By loosing it’s positive connatation values and treatment quality, magic exists with it’s destructive side. The artist who is the witness of his/her age could not isolate him/herself from “human’s being a social existence.” What are being lived are transferred to art through becoming integrated with his feeling and thought system. Tuğrul Tanyol as being an authentic voice of Turkish poetry is one of the artists who tries to catch universal with reference to individual. He uses an imaginary language within the frame of themes like depression, escape, fall back upon past. In this study, “Büyü Bitti” by Tuğrul Tanyol is being examined in terms of the break of spell, everything’s alienating to it’s essence and all adherence points of human turning into blank.

Tuğrul Tantol, magic, alienation, time.

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