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    Dergimizin 29. sayısı (8 / 1) 15 Mart 2019 tarihi itibarıyla yayımlanmıştır.

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The aim of this research is to determine and evaluate the reading habits of the 4th grade primary school students and their preferences for reading. In this study, looking for an answer to the questions that some students like to read and prefer to read at every opportunity, why some students don’t like reading, what they want to read more, what they expect from reading, how they perceive reading, and what situations and circumstances change. The study group of this descriptive study constitutes 300 primary and 4th grade students selected by probability based sampling methods with proportional layer sampling and systematic sampling methods. The data of the study were collected with a questionnaire titled "Reading Habits and Preferences of Primary School Students in 4th Grade" consisting of 11 questions. Nicel verilerin analizinde frekans (f) ve yüzde (%) kullanılmıştır. According to the findings, it was found that the vast majority of participants thought that they enjoyed reading very much, almost every day they read books and read as much as they can. In addition, it was determined that the participants preferred to read the most positive attitude, to read the most digital materials except textbooks, and to adventure as a literary genre. In terms of the areas where reading is preferred, most of the attendees preferred bedrooms in the home, classrooms in the school, and city libraries in the public area. It was determined that they read more because of it was beneficial for the participants who preferred to read with their mothers and share what they read with their mothers.

Reading habit, reading preference, reading culture, student.

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