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The article deals with the East influences and its reasons in Jalil Mammadguluzada’s, Mammad Said Ordubadi`s and Huseyn Javid’s works the craftsmans of XIX - XX. centuries of Nakhchivan literary environment. The East to Nakhchivan environment is felt in many areas. In this article the author has got three craftsmen’s work where the influences of East literature is felt much. The difference in Nakhchivan literary environment because of the influences of East literature during the XIX - XX centuries and its historical way is investigated. We must note that the craftsmen as Jalil Mammadguluzada, Mammad Said Ordubadi and Huseyn Javid is not only the most prominent persons of Nakhchivan literary environment but also the writers who brought some more innovation in the worldly subjects. The respect to East literature was exist during the period when there was a direction to West literature. East topic, learning the East, to propagate the East was widely spread in Nakhchivan literary environment. Attention to East, making sweat the East in the XIX - XX centuries was fewer than previous period. But this motive was strong in the creative work of a group of craftsmen. East motive is explained differ in the craftsmen of Nakhchivan in who lived and worked in this period. In the article the author tries to explain that though craftsmen of Nakhchivan influences from East literature but all of them tried to create national literature. Result of the investigation the author got some more new facts in the creative work of these craftsmen dealt with East topic.

Nakhchivan, east, literature, literary environment, XIX - XX. centuries.

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