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Mehmet Emin Resulzade had crowned more than 50 years of his 71 years age besides an active struggle with important idea works, as well. His careful and objective observing ability, democratic and fair evaluation skill, expression power which is full of artistic deep meanings of the lines and so on have formed his writing style in Resulzade’s all works that haven’t been published yet. Resulzade who maintained his political expressing with the sense of “Freedom for people, Independency for nations” and indited valuable writings which were published by him in the journal of Yeni Kafkasya (New Caucasia) composed of 95 issues published between the years of 1923-1927 in İstanbul. Mehmet Emin Bey who had at least 20 years of journalist experience was a master pencil holder who knows what, where and when to write in the first publishing term of Yeni Kafkasya. In this study, we will try to analyse Resulzade’s “Freedom for people, Independency for nations” speech from the aspect of concept and speech by taking base the book named Mehmet Emin Resulzade- Yeni Kafkasya Yazıları (1923-1927) [Mehmet Emin Resulzade- New Caucasia Writings] edited by Yavuz Akpınar, Selçuk Türkyılmaz and Yılmaz Özkaya and published by the Turkish History Institution. In the discourse analysis it will be benefited from the Willig analysing method based on Van Dijk and Parker’s analysing methods.

M. E. Resulzade; Yeni Kafkasya (New Caucasia) Journal; Speeches; ‘Freedom for people, Independency f

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