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Verbs that express a feeling, a thought, an event, or a process in the broadest sense exhibit certain syntactic behaviors. The facts are unlikely to establish an unlimited number of syntactic constructs. It can be said that the syntactic conditions and the basic syntactic structure of sentence are restricted and diversified according to the syntactic valency information of the verb. This means that the verbs can be classified syntactically. It can be said that Turkish verbs have at most 40 syntactic behaviors and basic sentence structure including alternative uses. However, not all 40 syntactic behaviors have the same frequency. It is seen that some syntactic behaviors are used much more frequently and have priority. This is an invaluable source of knowledge for the evolutional grammar of Turkish language, and it is of particular relevance to the teacher as to what precedes syntactic structures in foreign language teaching and which verbs are primarily taught.

Verbs, syntactic classes of verbs, syntactic limitations, valency information.

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