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Akbar Ryskul best known as one of the important representatives of the modern Kyrgyz poetry is different from others both his literal aspect and his statesmanship. The poet is assigned in many stages at state. On the other hand, he is interested in lliteral studies. This study was handled with the help of the lexico-stylistic analysis and interpreted from obtaining data. Introductıon, conclusion, Akbar Ryskul and his works, lexico-stylistic analysis, words used in the poems are showed with main topics.Common words, neutral words, oral language specific words and standart language specific words are examined with under titles. Political, social and diplomatic words, words related to nature and natural sciences, words related to technology, literature and related words, words related to animals and husbandary, words about standart language constitute substances of its under title. Data obtained from the poems were interpreted and then embodied the help of graphics and tables. The template is tried to compose for data studyings with giving place to terminology proposals.

Akbar Ryskul, Kyrgyz Modern poetry, lexicology, stylistics, poetics.

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