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I feel like I need to put emphasis on the verb barındır- in detail because I frequently came across with this verb in scientific papers, thesis studies, essays and notices; and I also realized that the verb barındır- was used instead of other verbs which have a different and detailed meaning. Therefore; I increased the number of examples that I found in thesis studies and essays, which I directly examined, as well as the general network through which I searched for the verb barındır- and I made an assessment over these examples. During this search, the verb barındır- which was used in a few essays on law, foreign language teaching and tourism apart from the knowledge of state of being Turkish was also included in the examples. I did not explain the sources of the examples due to scientific ethics. Prior to the essay, semantic fields of simple and derived versions of the verb in its historical process were indicated; opinions about the root and stem meaning of this verb were evaluated; examples in which the researchers preferred the verb barındır- in today’s scientific papers were shown, then it was tried to prove that the verb shelter and the verb barındır- was initially used in the meaning of “being present in a place, earning one's keep, sheltering, supplying an accommodation for someone to live” while this meaning has recently been expanded to new connotations which are closely related to the main meaning. When the researchers, for whatever reason, used the verb barı-/barındır- differently from its meaning in the past, it caused a semantic extension; and the verbs which had a semantic extension were digressed from their own areas of use by being included within the conceptual field of the verb barındır-. This study has been written up for throwing light upon this instant / simultaneous process.

barın-/barındır-, semantic extension, scientific paper.

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