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This study was conducted for the purpose of determining the viewpoints of Social Studies teachers on value education. The applications used by the teachers in value education, value priorities, the problems they face in value education, and the solution suggestions are the sub-problems of the study. The study was conducted by employing the Phenomenological Pattern in the context of Qualitative Research Methods. The Semi-Structured Interview Form was used as the data collection tool. A total of 46 Social Studies teachers participated in the present study. The data obtained in the study were transformed into findings by employing the Descriptive and Content Analysis Methods. It was determined that Social Studies teachers mostly used the Suggestopedia Method, school board preparation and drama theater studies in value education. It was observed that a small number of participants used the contemporary and student-centered techniques (i.e. value analysis, explanation, critical thinking, empathy, etc.). Social Studies teachers showed the justice, honesty and love values in the first order in the ranking of the values that would be taught to students at school. The values that were left to the latest three ranks by teachers were aesthetics, saving and scientificness. According to the viewpoints of the teachers, the most obvious problems in value education are family, curriculum, the environment, the media, students and the financial means of schools. In order for the value education to be successful, it was stated by the participants that the most important point was that the state, family, environment and teachers act together in this context.

Value education, teacher, social studies.

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