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Dialects are considered to be the smallest living variants of a language. Therefore, they act as reference points in understanding many complicated points in the Turkish language. Although the dialects of Turkey Turkish were unexplored by the native researchers until the 1940s, things changed when they began fieldwork, studying dialects in detail. In the framework of this study, sound recordings from more than 60 people living in the center and neighborhoods of Serik County, situated in the North of Antalya, have been obtained and deciphered into texts using certain specific signs and texts. Then, the vocals in these texts that are different from the ones in the standard Turkish were examined. Each vocal has been explained in terms of the aspects of changes they go through and the sound events that cause these changes, and examples were provided. Then, the changes that occur as a result of the interaction these vocals have with other sounds, derivations and omissions were explained by means of examples. In the conclusion part, the results of the study were presented to the attention of other researchers.

The dialects of Turkey Turkish, dialektology, dialect of Serik, vocals.

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