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In this research, examples of child reality in the episodes of the cartoon named Niloya were determined. Through these examples, it is aimed to determine “which themes" child reality is mostly related to, "in what situations" it emerges and "on the basis of what causes it is produced" and thus to make contributions to the literature. In the current study employing qualitative research method, document analysis and content analysis were used. In this regard, the episodes of "Niloya", which was broadcast in TRT Children’s channel and received the most watched cartoon award, were taken as the documents. In the study, 79 episodes found on Niloya's website and 32 new episodes which were not found on this site but which were broadcast on the TRT Children’s channel until mid-March 2018, thus a total of 111 episodes, were analyzed. A total of 23 examples of child realities were identified in 20 (18%) of the analyzed 111 episodes of Niloya. It is observed that these samples, according to their plots, are about nature, objects, abstracts concepts (accumulation, showing an interest/love) etc. Child reality originates especially due to lack of scientific knowledge, lack of concept knowledge and underdevelopment of thinking abstractly in case of encountering with a thing for the first time, lacking of the ability to think abstractly, solving encountered problem.

Cartoons, child reality, Niloya, children literatüre.

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