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There are certain stages in the Turkish telling tales tradition. In the tales that begin with tongue twister after the event is introduced, development, and analyzed, the narrator rewards people coming together. It is an ideal world for the reunion of heroes in tale and marry in a forty-night and forty-night wedding. Children will be born from this family, the happiness gained will continue to increase. The narrator tells falling three apples from the sky to reproduce the happiness obtained after depicting this scene. He shares the apples between himself and the listener. At the end of Turkish tales, three apple fall from the sky. Fall from the sky is the expression of holiness and evokes the heaven. In this paper, how apples are shared in written tales will be determined, examples showing that this tradition continues with some changes in contemporary tales will be given, and the importance of this in terms of culture transfer will be emphasized as in traditional tales.

Telling tales, apple, three apples, award, culture transfer.

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