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Mythical transformation (metamorphosis) is an excellent way in explaining the psychology of modern Kazakh poetry hero. In mythology transfromation is called metamorphosis; it is when something changes into the other thing like human into an animal or a bird, predators, plants, moon, sun, stars, etc., and can become other inanimate objects as well. The oldest metamorphic type is closely related to the totemic concepts and terms. Turning of mythological spirit owner or historical characters into the stone is especially popular metamorphic type. Mythical transformation is widely used in the Kazakh literature as artistic approach. If S. Seifullin’s “Kokshetau” poem says about legend hero Zheke Batyr’s transformation into a stone, there is a similar theme of transformation in M. Zhumabaev’s “Okzhetpes kiyasynda” poem, taking place in the twentieth century Kazakh poetry. Dreaming to change into something different, for specific purpose, Modern Kazakh poetry, including many young poets as Akberen Yelgezek, Kuralay Omar, and Baurzhan Karagyzuly are widely using varieties of mythical transformations. Purposeful transformations as animated into inanimated objects, especially turning into flowers, white snow, clouds, and droplets, changing into birds and butterflies are noticed to dominate in Kazakh women poets’s poetry. Transformations like this are rarely met in men. Thus, gender differences in poetry are the issues of interest in feminine intuition and feminine logic.

Kazakh poetry, mythical, metamorphosis.

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