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Bosnian Mehmet Fâzıl Pasha (1799-1882) is one of the statesman and poets from the XIX. century. He has recorded much about Bosnia as well as about other people and places in History. Without doubt Bosnian Mehmet Fâzıl Pasha is better as a statesman than as a poet. It would not be wrong to say that he used his skills of poetry by incorporating it into the matters of the state to a large extent, and in this way he was brought to various positions or consolidated his position. Probably the character of ambition and the attitude to declare the own opinion as it is the case with some statesman has shown itself with Fâzıl Pasha and so he wanted to show his proximity to Âlî Pasha and the government in a way, that is in a conflict with his identity as a Mevlevi. According to the statement in Zafernâme Fâzıl Pasha became the mutasarrıf (administrator authority of sanjaks) of İzmit by criticizing Ziyâ Pasha in a stanza. Fâzıl Pasha realized later how angry he made Ziyâ Pasha. At the center of the criticism lays that it is so easy to obtain authority rather than the criticism of Fâzıl Pasha. So that Ziyâ Pasha responds to the heavy insults such as dog and clown. But Fâzıl Pasha is not defeated, he responds with Reddiye ve Tekzibiyye (Rejection and Refutation). As one of the greatest witnesses of the time, when the Ottoman Empire suffered great pain in the name of Westernization, Bosnian Fâzıl Pasha, along with the material about his life, his connection to Ziyâ Pasha, the properties of his other works and, finally, with the main features of His Diwan will be useful for researches whose analyze will be carried on.

Ziyâ Pasha, Ottoman poetry (Diwan poetry), Bosnian Mehmet Fâzıl Pasha.

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