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In the texts of the Oghuz Kagan Epic in Uyghur and Persian there are information about the Khalaj. In particular, Islamic geographers and scholars among 10th and 14th centuries gave information about the tribe in question. In the mentioned sources, Khalajs are in the form of “Khalach, Khalaj, Khilji, Khalaji.” Khalajs were among first Turkic groups living in Tokharistan region. The word “Khalaj” was first used in the last quarter of the 7th century in the two Bactrian documents in the Samangan province in the south of Amu Darya. The name “Khalaj” is in the form of “Xalaso” in the Bactrian documents. They are identified with the names “Hedaluozhi”-“Gedaluozhi” in Xin Tangshu, the Chinese source. They are called "Hitivira Kharalaca" on the coins in Brahmi. There are various opinions on the origins of the Khalaj. In particular, the information provided on that they are the same as the “Karluq” tribe and that they are the remains of the Ephthalites are of great importance. Apart from these views, there are historians who stated that they belonged to the “Oghuz.”

Khalaj, Karluq, Ephthalite, Oghuz, Bactria.

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