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Ömer Seyfettin is one of the founding names of Turkish short story. Like Ahmet Mithat Efendi, Samipaşazede Sezai, Halit Ziya, he represents the change of Turkish short story from traditional into modern. This representation of change manifests itself not only in fictional characteristics but also in range of subjects. In terms of content subjects that evolve from historical into contemporary, universal unfold literary and social concerns of the writer. His writership does not solely shaped by artistic concerns. The society and era he belongs also penetrates his literary world just like geographic issues. Ömer Seyfettin does not always depict positive examples. Against this ideal scene there are contrast characters. The most conspicuous example for this contrast is Efruz Bey. His name bears resemblance to Bihruz (in Araba Sevdası). For that reason he can be evaluated in the same context. He becomes target for criticism of the age and mindset of the era with the help of humour. Author finds an opportunity to criticise and vilify different communities, people, ideas through Efruz, the hero of stories “Hürriyete Layık Bir Kahraman”, “Açık Hava Mektebi”, “Tam Bir Görüş”, “Bilgi Bucağında”, “İnat”, “Sivrisinek”, “Asilzadeler”. In this paper, another story that will be evaluated is “Hürriyete Layık Bir Kahraman”. It symbolizes the birth of Efruz Bey. His real name is Ahmet and the hero changes his name into Efruz by his own will and with the help of dictionaries. This choice stands for a symbolic birth. By means of this Ömer Seyfettin adds Efruz Bey to the chain of heroes at the target of hummorous criticism. What makes him different from previous ones is his being portrayed in a frame that enable us making political criticism apart from his European attitude in cultural and daily life. Ömer Seyfettin criticizes both Efruz Bey and different parts of the society he reflects. Efruz Bey stories not only expand the dimension of satire but also indicate humour that is not bounded by a single hero. In this respect he stands as an example for the future heroes.

Turkish short story, Ömer Seyfettin, Efruz Bey, humour, satire, Hürriyete Layık Bir Kahraman.

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