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The "Futuvvetnâme" of "Yahya bin Halil Coban", which is known as Burgazi according to our current knowledge and general acceptance, still maintains its characteristic of being the first Turkish fütüvvetnâme, and a collection of examination has been made to date. When we look at recent work that brings together information about the copies of the work, it is known that there are about 19 copies of the work in different countries of the world. However, even though the copy of the author is still unattainable, it is possible that, even if this copy can not be seized, the closest copy to the author's manuscript can be uncovered, along with the identification of independent works on the existing copy. In this regard, the uncovering of the existing copies of the work is of importance as it means preparation for subsequent comparative studies. In this work, it is estimated to be written in the 13th century for the first time, and it is known that the oldest version of the book of the year 1507, Burgazi Futuvetname, is presented in Bosnia Herzegovina but has not yet been published in Turkey. This manuscript in Bosnia and Herzegovina was copied in 1574 by an unknown author. 192x150 mm. It is size. It has 45 sheets and there are 15 rows on each page. On the cream color paper, the motifs are written in a recurring nasih line and the "babs" pointing to the beginning of the section and the beginning of the chapter are highlighted with red ink. In this study, the content of the manuscript will be revealed and the characteristics will be revealed and the text will be introduced.

Ahilik, futuvvetname, Burgazi’s Futuvvetname, Travnik manuscript.

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