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The Quran is the most important sacred resource of the Islamic world, beside it is definitely the most important source of classical Turkish literature. The only way that the Qur'an can be understood and applied to the life of the human being is through his reading and understanding in the true sense. There are certain rules of order and the reading of the divine book. The mentioned rules constitute the main subject of tajvid science. However, classical Turkish poets have produced verse works in the field of tecvîd as in many other fields. The subject of this work is the Manzum Risâle-i Tecvîd, which is supposed to have been written by a poet known with the name or pseudonym of Nâcî. There is no information about the author and the history of the work at the sources. This study consists of the introduction, the part of the work described and the conclusion sections. General information about tajvîd science and tajvids which are written with verse tradition in Turkish literature is given in the introduction part of the study. Afterwards, the study was examined in terms of content, language-style and shape characteristics. In this study, reading the manuscript work, study and analysis methods were used.

Holy Quran, manzum tajvid, classical Turkish literature, geographical.

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