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Changes caused in Turkish by religions that had recently been adopted within the historical process of Turkish have an important place. They restricted the use area of some words within the body of the language first and then abolished their use while including new words and terms in Turkish. Thus, some Turkish words were included in the definition of dead words under the influence of faith. At first, Turkish equivalents were found for the words of the new faith in the belief system. The words and definitions presented by the recently adopted religion had a strong influence in the course of time. Finding Turkish words for religious terms was more intense in the Uighur and Karakhanid periods; however, this condition began to lose its influence in the following periods. Although the foreign religious terminology dominated the language in the following centuries, Turkish religious terms continued to be used in the Old Oghuz Turkish and Ottoman Turkish. The Scanning Dictionary used as a reference in the present study was created by reviewing the works that had been written between the 13th-19th centuries. In the witnesses in dictionary, the abundance of the Turkish equivalents of religious terms is remarkable. These Turkish equivalents of religious terms and words were determined and then included in the present study with their examples. It is believed that the study would contribute to diachronic reviews to be conducted for finding Turkish equivalents to foreign words.

Religious terms, Scanning Dictionary, Turkish equivalents, belief, Old Oghuz Turkish.

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