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The martyrization of Hz. Hussein and his relatives in Karbala on 10th Muharram 61/10th October 680 left deep scars in all the Muslim societies and a vast oral and written narrative tradition has occurred around this event from past to present. In the literary works called 'Maktel', both the Karbala incident was told extraordinarily and Hz. Hussein was attributed extraordinary qualities. Thanks to these extraordinary qualities, which may take place in the incident, the hero, time and place, the interest of people in the works of maktel kind has never decreased and this never-ending sorrow has been refreshed in the hearts of Muslim societies whenever the works were read. In this study, the miracle motifs included in a copy of Maktel-i Imam Hussein reached in the Kabulbaba village of the Mustafakemalpasa district of Bursa were examined and then these motifs were evaluated and classified together with the events told in the work. In conclusion, it was seen that the miracle motifs included in Kabulbaba Village Maktel-i Huseyn copy are important in terms of reflecting our cultural continuity and stability of our cultural codes within the framework of the continuity of our epic tradition.

The Karbala Incident, Hz. Hussein, Maktel, Miracle motifs.

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