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War and literatüre are both concepts regarding society. The bigger share the literature has in forming cultural identity and rising of social sensitivity, the higher effectuating ratio the war has in society and literature. Our recent past history is full of spectacular samples of this mutual interaction. In this study, the reflection of war conditions on children and children’s plays was examined, which is based on the Journal Of Child Emotion. The party of Union and Progress (İttihat ve Terakki), which seized the power in the wake of Balkan Wars, tried to affect the society and by the way the children in line withit sown ideology evenunder these hard circumstances. It is remarkable that these efforts of effectuating and direction even got to the plays which have an important place in the education of children. The policies of Party of Union and Progress, which was not homogeneous but had a Turkist concept in the passage of time, regarding education underwent change accordingly. Necessitating of teaching Turkish with the law of Primary Education, even if it was enacted temporarily, had not only an influence on the primary schools, but also on the journals and newspapers published at those times. Indeed, the fact that the word ‘Ottoman’ that took place in the plays of the first issues of The Journal Of Child Emotion’ was replaced by the word ‘Turk’ in the following issues manifests thein fluence of the administration of The party of Union and Progress, which fluctuated from Ottomanness toTurkism, on the press clearly. It is also remarkable that the writings of well-known artists suchs as Baha Tevfik, Şahabettin Süleyman, Ahmed Edib, Selim Sırrı, Faik Ali and Philosopher Rıza Tevfik, and photographs of Sultan V. Mehmet Reşat Han, the Grandvizier Said Halim Pasha, the Minister of Internal Affairs Talat Pasha, the Minister of War Enver Pasha, the Minister of Navy Cemal Pasha, Mahmut Şevket Pasha and the great poet Recaizade Mahmut Ekrem Bey appeared inTheJournal Of Child Emotion that came out 19 days after Balkan defeat. The calm, nonchalant and provocation-free attitude of Leon Lütfi related to the issues encountered at that times such as “boycott, advertisements of foreign companies and the language used in publicity posters” on behalf of The Journal Of Child Emotionis worthy of commendation. However the writings ragarding the concept “grudge” have negative features with regard to the education of the children. It’s also importance that the Journal

War and literature, child, play, the journal Of Child Emotion

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