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    Dergimizin 30. sayısı (8 / 2) 15 Haziran 2019 tarihi itibarıyla yayımlanmıştır.

    Dergimizde yayınlanacak makalelerde 700-1000 kelimeden oluşan geniş İngilizce özet bölümü yer alacaktır.



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The way of eating and drinking inholds cultural codes of a nation. There exist many societies today which live in various geographical conditions and climates, and they are all different from one another in terms of social, cultural, religious, and economical aspects. Due to the aforementioned differences of societies, it is seen that each society has many different eating habits. These differences in eating habits have held significant changes over time in history. Resources remaining from the past are very rare for us to examine this historical process. This study has been prepared by compiling the data gathered from the elderly in families in Konya using face-to-face interview methods carried out by the researchers with the aim of revealing the local cuisine culture of Konya by reconsidering it to develop the “local food” concept which is a unique culture and communication system.

Konya, cuisine, Cuisine of Konya, culture, food culture, gastronomy.

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