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The first translation activites among the Turks are seen in Uighurs who had changed their religion. The major part of the Uighur corpus of translations is known to consist of religion based works. That the contents of the works were religious, was a necessity for a community which had changed its religion and wished to understand the new environment and perform the rules of the religion they accepted. The first known translations of Muslim Turks are the translations of the holy book, the Qur’an, which was an outcome of the same necessity. The first translations of the Qur’an in Turkish, were made in interlinear method, under the original Arabic text, in the eastern Turkish of 13.-14. centuries. Various studies have been made in Turkey and abroad on the copies of TIEM 73, Rylands, Uzbekistan and Süleymaniye which are the interlinear translations of Qur’an’s Eastern Turkish version. For a long time no other interlinear translation was known except these interlinear translations which have an important impact on the development process of Turkish language. In this assay, preliminary information will be given about this defective translation of 1290 pages which is registered as number 293, at Āstan-i Quds-i Razavi library in Meshed-Iran; phonological and morphological peculiarities will be provided to stress that the translation is in Horezmian Turkish.

Qur’an-ı Kerim, Qur’an Translate, Eastern Turkish, Interlinear Qur’an Translations.

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