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    Dergimizin 31. sayısı (8 / 3) 15 Eylül 2019 tarihi itibarıyla yayımlanmıştır.

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Irk Bitig, a manuscript written in Uigur, is a fortune book consisting of 65 paragraphs each of which is a different fortune. Written 12 centuries ago in spoken language, these fortunes were based on the dualism of good and bad. They provide important insights about political life in old Turks, governor - governed relationships and religious beliefs; in short, lifestyle and daily practices of the common man. This duality is mostly presented through an event described in the text. What is aimed then is to offer suggestions to both individuals in particular and the society in general taking the condition of the society into account. This situation is meant to identify the social order aimed to be created. Besides, unlike today's fortunes that are considered to inform people of future, this manner emphasizes collectivism rather than individuality highlighting possible actions. This piece of work in which bad is defined through good and vice versa is very important in that it reflects the criteria for the good and bad and which objects, animals or situations are perceived as good or bad according to the value judgment in the society. Such an analysis of a piece of work that reflects old Turkish culture is very useful so as to figure out the underlying meaning and make historical transformation more explicit. Therefore, this study aims to find out, in terms of ideology, how subjects are positioned, which societal events shaped the discourse and which discourse was used in creating good and bad understanding in the society based on the language structures supporting explanatory literature in this work.

Irk Bitig, social practice, ideology.

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