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On the ends of the VII. century, the Anatolian takes out Byzantium Empire’s domination and firstly Umayyad’s after then on the ends of X. century pass into the hands of Abbasi. Until X. century the Byzantium Empire dominates again all of The Anatolian. The emperor of The Byzantium Empire II. Vasil operates in Caucasian in ends of his life. A lot of confusion happens in this region after who a man in an Armenian dynasty I. Gagik’s death and this confusions gives a succesful intervention opportunity to Byzantium Emperor. Van nation included to Byzantium Empire like a part of Georgia, also Armenian Ani dynasty stay in the hands of the Armenians until Ionnes Symbat’s death after his death this dynasty joins to Byzantium Empire.Byzantium Emperors aren’t only take Armenian’s live space even they remove and take Armenian commanders their houses in their states like Armenian historian from Urfa Mateos’s as pointed out. Armenians under the domination of Byzantium Empire long time Byzantium and they never move freely. This situation expressed by a lot of time Armenian historian Mateos from Urfa. Turks starts to raids to The Anatolian until years 1047-1048.Van Lake nation is one route of this raids where the Armenians live.Assigned General Government of Azerbajian İbrahim Yinal defeats under control of Liparit, Aaron, and Katalkon Byzantium army action with Kutalmıs with Tugrul Bey’s order in Pasin Valley in 1048. Who replace with dead Byzantium Emperor Konstantin Dukas, Romanos Diogenes prepares a new army even Armenians is locate in this army. But Armenians leaves battlefield in the war of Manzikert because the Byzantines applies abuse to Armenians. Armenians get under administration to Turks with the conquest of Anatolia by the Turks. Especially from a religious perspective Armenians under the pressure of Byzantium after this process they are locate next to the Turks sometimes because of their profit. This situation make signs Turk-Armenian relations aren’t unfriendly or negative in historical progress unlike events on today or 1915. Ottoman Empire live so nested Ottomans say them : Royal nation. We try reveal in this article Armenians’ positive relations with Turks signs in Seljuks rev who Ottomans says them to royal nation and they have honor their, Armenians.

Seljuks, Byzantium, Armenians.

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