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Writing is transferring of feelings, thoughts, dreams and wishes by symbols as a result of multiple cognitive processes. That each student’s gaining the writing habits and carrying out the writing practices independently is a desired goal. At this stage, Turkish teachers have a great role. The aim of this study is to reveal the perspectives of Turkish teachers in the study group towards writing habits. The method of the research is a qualitative research. The study group consisted of 15 Turkish teachers who were serving in the central district of Giresun province, and they were determined by typical conditional sampling,which is one of the purposeful sampling methods. An interview form consisting of seven questions was used as a data collection tool. The obtained data were analyzed using content analysis. According to the Turkish teachers in the study group, the obstacles related to the acquisition of writing skills were negative attitudes of students, negative attitudes and behaviors of teachers and the lack of reading habits. All the teachers in the study group stated that the family would contribute to the writing skills. The most challenging writing methods and techniques that the teachers had the difficulties most in the study group were creative writing, rewriting a text in their own words, critical writing, and writing by selecting from words and concepts pool. The genres that Turkish teachers in the study group adviced for the acquisition of writing habits were story, poem, dairy, memoir and tale.

Writing education, teacher views, suggestion.

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