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Turkmen who live in Iran have been using the old Arabic alphabet up to present. This situation causes the manuscripts written in ancient times to be read from past to present. During a research trip to Iran, the copies of the writings of Kara Molla and Muhammet İşan Göklen, poets who are not well-studied by the science world were found. In addition to that, a copy of Karabebek (Garabä:bek) which is predicted to be written in XIX. century and considered to be one of the oldest Mahtumkuli writtings was found in a personal library. Many other copies of Mahtumluli’s writtings are also kept and protected by Turkmen, Khorasani Turks and Qizilbash. Several manuscripts written in Turkmen were found in the libraries of the religious scholars and madrasas. Some of them were very old; for example, the copy of Kesir of Revnaku’l-Islam is predicted to be hand-written in 1805. Documents such as family trees ect. are kept in houses as Turkmen heritages. For example, it has been learned that a document about the borders of a land named Öküzgerşen written in XIX is kept by a family in İnçeburun. Manuscripts and historical documents are a part of the cultural heritage of a society. In this paper it is aimed to protect such manuscripts and documents written in Turkmen and found in personal libraries during our trip to Iran by giving information about them.

Turkmen, Iran, manuscripts, historical documents, Turkmensahra.

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