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    Dergimizin 30. sayısı (8 / 2) 15 Haziran 2019 tarihi itibarıyla yayımlanmıştır.

    Dergimizde yayınlanacak makalelerde 700-1000 kelimeden oluşan geniş İngilizce özet bölümü yer alacaktır.



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Materiały Do Praktycznej Nauki Języka Tureckiego is a publication dedicated to Polish speaking students who would like to learn Turkish. We established that so far this book has not been thoroughly examined. Materiały Do Praktycznej Nauki Języka Tureckiego has been written by Irena Tatarzynska and Mehmet Haluk Demirer and published in Poland by University of Warsaw. This textbook comprises twenty nine texts which are complemented with grammar topics. The purpose of this research was to evaluate a textbook entitled Materiały Do Praktycznej Nauki Języka Tureckiego in the terms of teaching Turkish to Polish speaking students. In the course of this research we used a method of content analysis. Quantitative data acquired during the research was analysed by descriptive statistics. While composing the texts, frequency of words was taken into consideration and texts were organized according to contextual meanings of words. The primary goal was to teach students speak Turkish at elementary level. This work is not just a classic textbook. It was prepared to facilitate conducting various lesson activities. The textbook does not provide a systematic grammar course but it focuses especially on teaching vocabulary; word lists are enriched with examples of usage. Each text is followed by questions concerning the text, list of vocabulary, vocabulary exercises and grammar points. Apart from that, each chapter is concluded with a separate exercise in which students have to translate a text from Polish to Turkish. The textbook which is teaching Turkish as second language uses various methods such as grammar translation, question and answer teaching method, oral approach and communication approach. The work is considered as a remarkable work in terms of both teaching Turkish language to Polish people and using language teaching methods and techniques.

Teaching Turkish, Teaching Grammar, Textbook, Poland.

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